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1st, 2nd & 3rd Terms
School gates open at 7am and the first lesson starts at 7.30am. At 1:00pm the morning session ends for the Standards 3 to 7.
Reception, Standard 1 and 2 classes end at 12:30PM.

No child should be in the School after 4pm

If students are required to attend in the afternoons ad/or they have sporting activities or studying, parents are contacted through a letter which they mus sign and return to school, giving permission.

Before and After School Care Programme
The school offers a before and after school programme, at a fee, at the following times: 6:30am - 7.00am Every weekday 4.00pm - 5.00pm Every weekday

Holiday Lessons
At no extra cost, the School provides additional teaching and coaching in the school holidays for those children who need it.

If students are required to attend holiday lessons, they will be given a letter which parents must sign and return to school, giving permission.

                  TERM 1 - 2021








Chinese New Year

2020, The Year of theOx.

WearChinese attire or red andgold: LearnChinese New Year.


Friday 12 February

St Valentine’sDay


Christian calendar-day of love and compassion for others.

Wearred/pink/white/black:Learn about St Valentine.


Sunday14 February

Shrove Tuesday-Pancake Day

Christian calendar/the day before Lent.

Wear civvies-Bring pancakes to school to share.


Ash Wednesday

Christian calendar -Beginning of Lent - 40 days.

Wear White and purple:Teach about theimportance of Lent-Prayer, giving thanks to the poor and the needy, repentance and fasting - against wrong doing.

Wednesday 17 February

World Wildlife Day

Theme 2021-Forests and livelihoods: sustaining people and planet

Dress up as any endangered animal-Ivory-billed woodpecker,Javan rhinoceros, western lowland gorilla, the tiger, the Amur leopard, the Chinese giant salamander and the red wolf.

Tuesday 3 March

Commonwealth Day

Annual celebration of the Commonwealth of Nations.

Wear traditional attire-Bring food from your country of origin.



St. Patrick’s Day

Irish Celebration of the patron saint of Ireland.

Wear green:Learn about the historyof this date and traditions.

Wednesday 17 March


International Day of Happiness

United Nations Day to celebrate Happiness

Wear bright colours:Learn about thisdate and why it matters.



World Down Syndrome Day


Wear yellow or blue/ wear odd socks:Learn about the historyof this date and traditions.

Sunday 21 March

World Poetry Day

Celebration of the unique ability of poetry to capture the creative spirt of the human mind.

Wear civvies:

Read and write poetryin class.



Easter Holidays

Christian event-resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Wear spring colours:Pinks, white,yellow, green. Make cards, painteggs, make Easter bonnets.


World Health Day Commemorations

The Health of the world.

Wear civvies:Learn about HealthDay, global health awareness and what it means.

Wednesday7 April


The School offers and extensive afternoon programme in addition to the full teaching morning.

Legae English Medium School offers the following fully inclusive of the Termly Fees:

  •   Remediation for all Lower School Students in Standards One, Two, Three and Four.
  •   Remediation for Upper School Students in Standards five and Six.
  •   Afternoon Study for students in Standards five and Six and Seven.

Activities Include:

  •   Drama
  •   Lower School Choir
  •   Upper School Choir
  •   Lower School Marimba
  •   Upper School Marimba
  •   Junior Orchestra
  •   ICT Club
  •   Dance (Modern, Salsa, Ballroom)
  •   Counselling Club
  •   Championship Karate
  •   Art and Craft Club
  •   Home Economics
  •   Knitting
  •   Beading
  •   Book Club
  •   Library Club
  •   French Club
  •   Green Club
  •   Swimming
  •   Trinity Music Examinations
  •   Needlework
  •   Traditional Dance
  •   Rock Band
  •   Dressmaking
  •   Debate Club
  •   Public Speaking
  •   Spelling Bee
  •   Legae Ambassadors
  •   Horse Riding


Activities Supplied by External Experts:

  •   Dance (Modern, Salsa, ballroom)
  •   Chess
  •   Karate
  •   Taekwondo
  •   Fencing
  •   Young Entrepreneurs Club
  •   Komatsu Tennis
  •   Home Enonomics
  •   Simply Science
  •   Football Coaching
  •   Violin
  •   Yoga
  •   Exercise Dance
  •   Championship Karate
  •   Spanish

Legae English Medium School has a comprehensive sporting programme. Each sport is taught during its sporting season. The School has the following Sports Teams:(U= Under, e.g. U9 is Under 9 years old)

  •   Basketball U11(Boys and Girls)
  •   Cricket
  •   Football: U9, U11
  •   Hockey
  •   Softball: U11 (Boys and Girls)
  •   Swimming: U8, U9, U10, U11
  • Athletics
  • Fencing
  • Gymnastics
  • Netball: U9, U11
  • Table Tennis
  • Tennis

Team/Sporting Programme

Name of bird




Fortis et velox (Strong and swift)



Together Everyone Achieves More



Sapientia et doctrina (wisdom and learning



Non plus ultra (nothing further beyond



Prise de Fer (taking the blade



Best in the Field

Horse Riding


Semper anticus (Always forward)



One spirit, one team, one win



Teamwork makes the Dream work



Fulminis instar ( like lightning)

Table Tennis


Ever to Excel



Take it to the Net

    Horse Riding Therapy


    Since 2015 the School has offered the unique programme of Horse Riding Therapy for selected students. The healing power of horses is used to assist children to overcome, when needed, lack of confidence, low self-esteem, low academic achievement, learning difficulties and various disabilities and challenges. 

    • ‚Äč

    Please note that children should be collected from school not later than 15 minutes after the morning session ends or by 4.30pm if your child has attended afternoon activities. The school is not responsible for children left on the school grounds after these times. Children who are not participating in afternoon activities may not be left at school all day. Regretfully children who are continually left at school until late will be requested to be withdrawn as the school cannot be held liable.
    Homework is considered an integral part of the child’s learning process and therefore it is important that parents ensure their children carry out the homework set by their teachers. Homework is given to all children from Standard 1 upwards. Each student is given a Homework Diary in which to record their homework on a daily basis.
    A high standard of behavior is upheld at the school, with students being considerate to their teachers, other staff, peers and visitors. There is a clear discipline procedure in the school for teachers to follow which includes counseling for children and, if necessary, calling in their parents to discuss the problem.

    Parents are always welcome at the school, but please make an appointment with the Head Teacher’s secretary in advance so that teaching is not interrupted.