Legae English Medium School is a registered Primary School Leaving Examination Centre, and became a registered Cambridge International Examination Centre in 2014.  The School follows both the Botswana National Curriculum and the Cambridge International Curriculum Framework, which are combined into a unique LEMS Syllabus.

The Botswana National Curriculum is a seven-year programme which ends with the Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE) at the end of Standard Seven.  This is an external examination from the Botswana Examination Council. There is also a national external assessment done in Standard Four.

The Cambridge International Curriculum Framework is a six-year course and the external Checkpoint Examination at Legae is written following the completion of the 6-year curriculum, in the April of the next year (Standard Seven).  There is also external assessment done after the completion of Standard Three, Standard Four, and Standard Five. This is also done in the April of the following year. This is done to better prepare the students from the assessment.

Subjects taught under the Botswana National Curriculum are:

 Lower School  Upper School
 English  English 
 Mathematics  Mathematics
 Environmental Science  Science
 Cultural Studies  Social Studies
 Setswana  Setswana
   Religious and Moral Education

Subjects taught under the Cambridge International Curriculum are:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • ICT

Homework is considered essential to a child’s learning process and an important part of the school day. A School Diary is given to each student in which they record the daily homework. This must be signed every day by the Parent and the Teacher.          

Learners are promoted to the next Standard on merit. Promotion to the next Standard is not automatic. The learner’s academic performance, behaviour, emotional and social development are considered before any decision is made.