School Facilities

In addition to the 26 classrooms, the School facilities include:

  •    Hamilton Hall (seating capacity for 800 adults)

  •    Fully equipped Computer Lab  with IMAC and PC computers with speakers, microphones and headsets

  •    Well-stocked Library with Oxford Reading Scheme, novels, story books and educational(i.e., encyclopedia) texts, having community and individual reading booths

  •    Two swimming pools

  •    Two multipurpose courts

  •    Sand/Grass playing field

  •     Weather Station

  •    Outside playing areas and equipment

  •    Science Lab having insect, plant and organ display showcases

  •    Tuck Shop

  •    Sick Bay

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Our Extensive Facility on site

Legae Primary has the following academic and recreational facilities on its properties:

· Well-Stocked Library

· Computer Laboratory

· Large Hall

· Music room

· D and T lab

· Science lab


· Football / Athletics Field

· Tuck Shop

· Sick Bay

· Weather station

· 2 Multi Purpose Courts

· 2 Play Areas

· 2 Swimming Pools



The on-site facilities provide for well-rounded and complete academic, sporting and extra-curricular development of the students. The library is continuously stocked with modern and classical books that cater to the different age groups. 

The computer laboratory is equipped with modern technology so as to enable our students to be computer literate by the time they leave us.